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Welcome to the CSC Engage Community, where thoughtful minds connect and engage.




To help you quickly connect and engage, we've provided these Quick Reference Guides in four main topic areas to assist you in getting the most out of the features of the CSC Engage Community.


Set Up Your Profile and Personal Preferences


  1. Setting Up Your Profile Let people in your community know who you are by setting up your profile.
  2. Uploading a Photo and Choosing an Avatar Help people recognize you in your community by setting your photo and avatar.
  3. Changing Your Privacy Settings Control what information you share with others by changing your privacy settings.
  4. Changing Your Email Notifications and Preferences Choose which email notifications you receive and how you view the content you interact with.


Connect and Engage with Members


  1. Creating a Status Update Let people in your community know what you’re up to.
  2. Direct Messages and Private Discussions Send messages to and communicate with specific members in your community.
  3. @mentioning Send messages to and communicate with specific members in your community.
  4. Connecting to People in CSC Community Keep track of what certain people are saying in discussions, blogs, and more by connecting with them.


Keep Informed with "What Matters"


  1. What Matters: Activity  View and manage your activity stream so you see only what’s most important to you.
  2. What Matters: Communications View and interact with activity that you shouldn’t miss.
  3. What Matters: Actions View and respond to things you may need to take action on.



Add Content and Ask / Answer Questions


  1. Bookmarks Quickly find content and web sites again using by creating bookmarks.
  2. Discussions Ask a question or share an idea so others can provide feedback.
  3. Creating a New Document  Create a new document in Jive to collaborate with members of your community.
  4. Uploading a Document Upload a document that you’ve already created, and people you share it with can add inline comments.
  5. Creating Blog Posts Express your ideas or opinions and get feedback by blogging.
  6. Tagging  Help others find you or your content quickly by adding tags to the things you create.
  7. Liking and Rating Content Encourage people to participate and add to the popularity of content or comments by liking and rating.
  8. Finding Your Stuff Learn the different ways to find the things you need quickly.


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